Riparian Woodlands

The Unmistakable Appearance of the Sava Floodplains
The biggest complex of natural and preserved lowland riparian forests in Europe and even beyond are right here in the area of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. They have an incalculable biological and landscape value. The power of the riparian woodlands can be seen in their having shaped the habitants and the landscapes, and in these forests some specific species adapted to flood conditions have developed. One of the species specific to these forest communities is the famed Slavonian Oak, which with its long-term quality is to this day a byword for excellence in European countries such as Italy and France.
Water and flooding are the main factors that dictate the development of the species and plant communities of the forest habitats. The lowland riparian woodlands cover almost 70% of the area of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park.